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We serve online communities that provide strategies for stock market trading, investing, business funding, and trading taxation for a monthly subscription fee.

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The SMC trading strategy is a technical trading method that relies on chart analysis and market trends to make trades. This strategy is based on the idea that market trends can be predicted by analyzing price action, fair value gaps (FVG), order blocks and identifying key areas of liquidity.




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Building a community of experienced traders and investors, who put Jesus first, and come together daily to profit from the market…

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I was introduced to Mark Monroe and The Come Up series by my childhood best friend in December of 2020, while recovering from a major health crisis that led to a major financial crisis. After inhaling the “Starter Pack” that introduced me to Leap Options and the “Rolling 4’s” aka, the “Walk Away” strategies. I opened my very first brokerage account apart from a 401k and bought two XLK Leap contracts. I then, immersed myself in all things trading and investing along with personal finance, and completed the TD Ameritrade certificate education portal.

Soon after, I was sent an invitation to the Clubhouse App in February 2021 where I discovered some Market educational clubs that introduced me to a variety of concepts. I was privileged to virtually rub elbows with industry leaders and subject matter experts while on the App. I listened, took detailed notes, and proactively attended YouTube University and studied Investopedia non stop enabling me to follow the advanced micro and macroeconomic conversations. In April 2021, I followed a particular industry leader into Trade All Day, a club created by Cazel Levine, an advanced intraday Options Trader with twenty plus years of experience. There, I gained a lot of market insights and I did the work to develop tools and skills necessary to become a full time, consistent profitable trader, investor, and new business Founder.

Today, I use The Inner Circle Trader, creator of Smart Money Concepts, as my market edge. With the ICT 2022 Mentorship and Core Content. I’m curating a community of focused traders and investors that use Smart Money Strategies with Smart Money Concepts to build everlasting wealth.

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Curating a community of critical thinking, experienced traders, and investors that strategize daily about price action and price delivery, to profit from the market, and so much more...



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